Logical reasoning

Enhance your logical reasoning skills with these expert tips. Learn how to analyze, evaluate, and draw conclusions effectively to solve complex problems and make better decisions.
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Logical Reasoning Puzzle Question with Answer

Time to test your logical reasoning skills. In this logical reasoning puzzle question, there are some logical number equations are given and your challenge is finding the logic of these equations and then solve the last equation. Let us see how much time you will take to solve this logical reasoning puzzle question?

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Free Analogy Worksheets for Kids

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Clock Calculator Bulb Puzzle

Clock Calculator Bulb Puzzle Clock + Clock + Clock = 21 Calculator + Calculator + Calculator = 30 Bulb + Bulb - Bulb = 05 Clock + Calculator x Bulbs = ? The above text is only for illustration purpose, please give your answer after looking at the image carefully and write it in the comments below.

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