Litter box covers

Keep your home looking stylish while providing privacy and comfort for your furry friend with these creative litter box cover ideas. Discover how to hide your cat's litter box in a way that seamlessly blends with your home decor.
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Welcome to PinkBau! Here you will find unique products for pets handmade with care in Rovereto, Italy. ****************************** Two-Story Litter Box Cabinet This Double Litter Box Enclosure offers a space-saving vertical design ideal for small spaces! It features double rooms with separate entrances for each cat, providing privacy. There's a small shelf covered with carpet from where the cat enters the upper part which is great as a litter catcher too. The sturdy and modern design…

Angela Cristina Areiza Trujillo

Having a cat means dealing with a litter box. At first, I wasn't thrilled about having a litter box in plain view in my apartment. It didn't match any of my decor, and honestly, it was an eyesore. So, I started searching for ideas online on how to make the litter box blend in or even hide it entirely. What I found was a treasure trove of creative, do-it-yourself ideas that seemed easy enough for someone like me, who isn't a pro at building things. I got excited and picked a project that…

Janelle Brown