Linoleum block printing

Explore the art of linoleum block printing and unleash your creativity. Discover top ideas and techniques to create unique and beautiful prints using linoleum blocks.
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The lino printing process can be frustrating when things don’t go according to plan - it happens to all of us. I have a few easy tips to help you get that perfect print. If you notice ink in some of your narrowly carved lines, and these details don’t print clearly, try inking with thinner layers

Deb Hall
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"Oh no, what happened??!" I heard this exclamation from across the room during a workshop, so I went over to investigate...but I was pretty sure I already knew what the problem was. Sure enough, while I had been helping one student, another had gone buck wild with the paint and turned he

Ashley Marie
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I've used a wide range of carving tools for block printing, such as those made by Speedball, Power Grip, Pfeil and Japanese woodblock carving tools. I'm going to break down my research into two categories: inexpensive, budget oriented carving tools and more expensive, superior tools. I have some spe

Karen Hofman
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The linocut process with step-by-step beginner instructions on how to make a linoleum block print. Including printmaking techniques and reviews of the best linocut tools, supplies, paper and ink. Plus, lino printing tips and what materials you need for block printing.

Carol Ablitt
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There are four main techniques to make linocut prints with more than one colour. Reduction lino print Multi-block lino print Jigsaw lino print Hand-coloured lino print What is a reduction linocut print? Reduction linocut is a method of block printing in which each colour layer is carved into the same lino block. Part of the design is carved into the block and printed. The process is then repeated for each layer of colour. The design is often printed working from the lightest first to darkest…

Penny Peck