Line study

Discover the art of line study and learn various techniques to create captivating and dynamic compositions. Get inspired by top examples and elevate your artistic skills.
Liz Benjeddi Textile Art: Module 1 Chapter 8 (page 13) Lines with Emotions Elements Of Art, Art, Design, Elements Of Art Line, Line Art Lesson, Principles Of Art, Art Theory, Composition Art, Art Basics

Collections of lines Taking a Line for a Walk This was fun to stitch and it was interesting to try to create the same kinds of lines in the original drawing - the cartwheel shapes were the most challenging to complete. Taking a Line for a Dance This sample was more interesting to stitch, as I think that the shapes I drew were more interesting. Stitching lacks the same kind of spontaneity that can be achieved with a pen or pencil and curved lines can become quite 'jerky' if you lose…

Christy C.