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Discover how lens filters can take your photography to the next level. Explore top ideas and tips for using lens filters to capture stunning images.
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You will need : 1 x Stainless steel small-hole sink filter 1 x inexpensive filter with the needed diameter Tools 1 x electric driller (I used an electric screw driver) 1 x scissors for metal 1 x permanent marker 8mm, 7mm and 4 mm drill bits Black paint Process 1. Unscrew the ring that hold the glass on the filter and remove the glass from the filter frame. 2. Put the filter frame over the sink filter and mark a circle using the inner part. 3. Enlarge the central hole of the sink filter with…

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BW Neutral Density Filter 67mm Neutral Density 064X Camera Lens Filter Gray 66012188 * Click on the image for additional details. Rc Lens, Photo Accessories, Underwater Photography, B/w, Video Photography, Lens, Neutral, Filters, Surveillance

About this item 0.3 ND - 1 f-stop - 50% reduction of light - transmits 50% of the light from the Original scene Filter Factor = 2x Allows creative use of larger apertures for shallow Depth of field or slower shutter speeds to capture motion Blur MRC multi resistant coating - anti-reflection and easy-to-clean coating This filter uses our standard B+W F-Pro filter mount, which has a front accessory thread and is made of Brass.

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