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Discover the world of LEGO WW2 tanks with these impressive designs. Build your own miniature military vehicles and recreate historic battles with these top ideas.
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DareDevils of the Desert - Part I: Defeat at Gaza The British met with failure in the initial assault on Gaza in 1917. This diorama includes both tanks featured in this Young Indiana Jones episode: The British Mark V (green) and a Fiat 3000b (tan). The small tank took first place in the Aug, 2010 Lego Tank Contest No2: For Part II of the story, see the "Battle of Bersheeba"…

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Historic background: The Type 2 Ka-Mi was a light amphibious tank employed by the Japanese during the Pacific campaign. It debuted in the early stages of the conflict. The hull had the peculiarity of being compatible with a pair of floating devices –expressly done for the model-, making the tank able to float in water. When mounted, the tank turned into one of the most bizarre looking AFV ever made. It was literally a land ship. The ofensive capabilities were constituted by a pair of machine…

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Sherman tank V2 by Buildarmy, bricks and instruction available. Lego Ww2 Tanks, Lego Army, Micro Lego, Lego Boards, Sherman Tank, Model Tanks, Star Wars Artwork, Lego Design, Letgo

Features: • 1:33 minifigure scale. • Building difficulty: 7/10 • Estimated assembly time for players with average LEGO experience: 2.5 hours • Number of bricks: 720 plus extra spare bricks. • Detailed interior structure. • Instruction booklet and stickers included. • Compatible with LEGO® bricks. • Package: polybag