Lego village

Build your dream Lego village with these top ideas and expert tips. Let your imagination run wild and bring your Lego creations to life in your own village.
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Waterfalls are a natural wonder that have captivated people for centuries, and now you can bring the beauty of waterfalls into your LEGO creations. In this blog, we will be showcasing five unique MOC ideas that feature stunning waterfall designs. Whether you're a fan of tropical paradise or medieval castles, we have an

Charles Quinn
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Hi everyone, I present to you my very first modular moc . For this little project I mainly focused on the outside as that is where most of the appeal of a modular building is (for me at least ). For the outside I wanted to try and make someting that you could see here in The Netherlands and my ma...

Carin Stevens
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The Village Post Office is my first new MOC for over a year. A classic British Post Office set during the early 1930's. The model is not a modular building but features an open back design to give easy access to the interior details. The model is now on LEGO IDEAS. f you like to vote for the model to be made in to a real set then please visit Thanks very much.

Lauren Thiele