Laundry whitening

Discover effective laundry whitening tips to keep your clothes looking bright and fresh. Say goodbye to dull and dingy fabrics with these simple and easy-to-follow methods.
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When it comes to getting our whites white, everyone automatically thinks of bleach. Bleach, however, is pretty stinky and harsh. If you’re unsettled by the thought of putting something that noxious so close to your skin, there are other more natural alternatives to brighten your clothes. And you probably have most of these ingredients in...

Lori Simmons

We all want our whites to be their brightest. But even for the most domestic among us, it's tough to keep them looking that way. Bleach is certainly an alternative, but you can't use it on everything. If this describes you, don't worry! Here is how to naturally whiten white clothes -- no harsh stuff necessary.

Pega Roni
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HOW TO KEEP WHITES WHITE I’ve always dreamed of having a home filled with beautiful white linens. In my imagination, our bedrooms are light and airy with beds covered in hotel-style comforters. There’s just one problem. Figuring out How to wash whites and keep them white. But in our home, whites just didn't like to stay white. Our bright white socks and t-shirts always seemed to yellow over time. Admittedly, that’s partly my fault. I am a chronic spiller. I spill coffee, soda, wine, pretty…