Language acquisition theories

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Language Development I.Three theories of language development A.The behaviorist approach B.The nativist approach 1.Language areas in the brain 2.Sensitive. Design, Language Acquisition Theories, Language Acquisition, Speech Language Pathologists, Speech And Language, Language Development, Speech Language Therapy, Teaching English Grammar, Teaching Methodology

Components of Language Phonology Rules about structure and sequence of speech sounds Semantics Vocabulary - words and word combinations for concepts Grammar Syntax - rules for sentences Morphology - grammatical markers Pragmatics Appropriate and effective communication © Allyn & Bacon/ Longman 2007

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Previously, we were examining and looking at the most important issues in the INPUT HYPOTHESIS; now, we want to link these two hypotheses because it is important to think of the role of production in English. From our point of view, output is closely related to the process of production. For Swain, constant practice facilitates the learner to be conscious of her/his production. Output makes to move the learner from the semantic processing to the complete grammatical processing for accurate…

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