Lakeland terrier

Discover the charming and playful Lakeland Terrier breed. Browse through a collection of adorable Lakeland Terrier photos and learn more about their characteristics and temperament.
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Male/female Lakeland Terrier dog name ideas Sadie Ginger Baby Cleo Sammy Molly Maggie Phoebe Reba Juno Misty Lady Sasha Abby Roxy Bobbi Pepper Sheba Katie Gracie Abby Bella Angel Leah Mara Persis Candy Princess Kishi Sandy Jasmine Holly Ruby Sassy Dixie Maddy Sugar Zara Lola Honey Sophie Bella Cinders Empress Lily Penny Charlie Coco Annie...Read More

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COLORS The Lakeland Terrier comes in a variety of colors, all of which are equally acceptable. Solid colors include blue, black, liver, red, and wheaten. In saddle marked dogs, the saddle covers the back of the neck, back, sides and up the tail. A saddle may be blue, black, liver, or varying shades of grizzle.

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