Lace Shorts

Elevate your style with trendy and stylish lace shorts. Discover the latest fashion trends and create fashionable looks with lace shorts that will turn heads wherever you go.
DIY lace shorts from mens' boxers! (or your own shorts) Clothes, Couture, Upcycling, Diy Clothing, Diy Lace Shorts, Diy Shorts, Upcycle Clothes, Diy Clothes, Lace Shorts Pattern

For the past couple of months, I have been lusting after a pair of lace shorts: I pin them on Pinterest all of the time, and I've looked on tons of websites- but I really couldn't find any that I loved, and if I did find a pair, the price was a bit ridiculous. So I thought, why not make them?? It could be a fun project and it couldn't be that hard, right? Wrong. My friend Beth did this DIY with me, and we struggled and cursed and screamed our way through it. I am going to be honest- this was…

Shelby Ignacio

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