Kora and asami

Explore the beautiful and powerful love story of Kora and Asami. Dive into their journey of friendship, trust, and ultimately, love in the world of Avatar.
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The Legend of Korrasami

Asami's eyes and Korra's arms can wreck me any day. Mason, 25, He/Him Checkout some useful links below! Korrasami Stuffs: - My Posts - Fanfics - Headcanons - The Legend of Korra - Avatar: The Last Airbender My Other Super Awesome Blogs: - Main Blog - Hollstein - Clexa - Supercorp - Wonder Woman - Elsanna var sc_map_var = sc_map_var || [];sc_map(898508,"112288","ff0000",48) Visitor Map Widget sc_hit(898514,15,7); Tumblr Hit Counter sidebar gif credit: beroberos

Lucca Marques Amadeu
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Korrasami - By The Fire (SLVV) by SandraLVV on DeviantArt

Description A little light&shadow practice to improve my animation skills. If Bryke don't give me Korrasami, I'll just gonna have to do it myself... but if you wanna put pressure on them, come and sign the KORRASAMI PETITION [link] and help make this scene a reality! And if you wanna see the uncensored version, with sound and all, visit my youtube channel: [link] On Tumblr: [link]

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