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Create the perfect knitting space with these cozy and organized knitting room ideas. Get inspired to transform your room into a haven for relaxation and creativity.
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The other day I decided to post a slightly embarrassing picture to my Facebook Page (here) of my out of control yarn stash in hopes of getting some of your ideas on organizing yarn. Hehe! After the rush of holiday making, my stash became a jumbled mess and I was determined to finally do something

Katie Schmidt-Oholorogg
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Knitting and crochet pattern writing takes time and patience but is one of the most joyful journeys, at least for me. Writing patterns is on the top of my favorite jobs on my to do list at CrochetObjet knitting. ••• Over the last few weeks or even months I have been struggling mainly with trying

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In your busy moments do you dream of escaping your busy life to have time for yourself, to relax and crochet? Or maybe like me you live a quiet life and crave the company of other crocheters? Do you dream of a cosy cottage with a roaring fire, cupboards full of yarn and cosy blankets to snuggle up with? Homemade cakes, made for you with teas and coffees served at regular intervals. and time . . . uninterrupted time to work on those crochet projects that keep getting put to one side. Well…

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