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Looking to improve your knitting skills? Join a knitting group and connect with fellow knitting enthusiasts. Discover new patterns, exchange tips, and get inspired to create beautiful knitted creations.
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Recently I decided to start a local sip and stitch group here in my hometown. We had our first meetup last month and it went really well! I wanted to write up a quick post to share with you guys how I went about organizing my sip and stitch so you could organize one in … Continue reading How to Start a Local Sip and Stitch

A Crafty Concept- Free Crochet Patterns
Vintage Skills - are we losing them? #knitting #sewing #diy Vintage Photos, Vintage, People, Couture, Spinning, Vintage Photographs, Photographer, Vintage Knitting, Aroostook County

I have been thinking, nay dreaming, of skills our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had; I call them “vintage” skills. They are the skills that few possess and practice these days. I see them slipping further and further away from the mainstream way of life. I think homesteaders, homeschoolers and those others who already think outside the box, are...Read More

the Imperfectly Happy home
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The winner of the yarn pack for the Gratitude socks is Kaitlin in Minnesota. Thanks to Lisa Souza for the gorgeousness. The winner of our Darrin cardigan yarn pack is Cheryl in Utah. Thanks to the Fibre Company for this fab prize. And although some of us at Knitty are dog people, we know that there are people out there who prefer cats. And for them, we present the following: a slideshow from the book Best in Show:Â Knit Your Own Cat, the companion volume to last year’s Knit Your Own Dog. The…

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