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Explore a collection of creative knife template ideas to inspire your DIY projects. Discover unique designs and patterns to create stunning knives for various purposes.
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Please see the original Knife Patterns page for more templates and a brief tutorial on making a pattern. These are not to be considered perfect templates, but rather a starting point for you to tweak the curves and shape. Print the PDF and glue the selected size on to a piece of thin plywood, polycarbonate or other easy to work material. Ideally you will make a few different sizes and one of them will fit your piece of steel…

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Description If you find my templates useful show your appreciation by donating, a tip if you will, so I can continue to distribute them for free! Donate FULL-SCALED, FULL QUALITY PDF AVAILABLE IN LINK BELOW Download for larger image to use as reference. This doesn't come up much in my Deviantart, but I'm a big fan of Webcomics! And one of my absolute favorites is Gunnerkrigg Court! A legendary piece of work with an incredibly interesting world and even more interesting characters. I highly…

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