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Discover the captivating journey of Klaus Mikaelson, the powerful and complex character from TVD. Learn about his unique backstory, his relationships, and why he has become a fan-favorite in The Vampire Diaries universe.
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The Mikaelsons have waited for thousand years for their soulmates searched most of the world for a chance to meet their soulmate, their salvation and their one chance at happiness and true love and are ready to give up on the idea and considering the idea to a myth when they finally met her in the place it has all started, in the town of Mystic Falls. Aria Potter Black is a woman whose secrets have secrets and is someone who is ready to die to save the world. She just wants to have a…

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·˚✎ ﹏ a holiday miracle disguised as an annoyance... in which holly gets a scandalous text not meant for her... or... in which rebekah falls for a stranger who she never would've gone for in real life - ❝ would you kiss me under the mistletoe? ❞ ❝ no, but I'd kiss your mom ❞ - [rebekah mikaelson x fem! oc] [tvdu social media au] cover by the wonderful realizt!!