Kitchen corner units

Maximize the functionality of your kitchen with creative corner unit ideas. Discover how to effectively utilize the corner space in your kitchen and create a more organized and efficient cooking area.
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If you have either a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen then you most likely have a corner unit too. Corner units can be a struggle and annoying to get into due to the awkwardness of being in a corner and ‘hidden’ away but we have some handy tips to help you use them effectively. SHELVED CORNER…

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PRODUCT DETAILS- Our product is offered in 36” width and then various lengths for a seamless application. The length can vary from 24 inches to 240 inches. The material is self-adhesive peel and stick countertops, easy to remove with no sticky residue PRODUCT FEATURES- This 5-layer upgraded product is thickened to ensure toughness for Heat, Waterproof, Scratch, and Tear Resistant. This is a DIY project that is and economically cheap alternative to real marble. COLOR OPTIONS- We offer a wide…

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When renovating your kitchen, it's tempting to make design choices that may not stand the test of time. Falling for overly trendy or tacky designs is a common pitfall. These trends are fleeting and can leave you with an outdated kitchen. To ensure your kitchen stays modern, functional, and stylish, read on for things to avoid in your design choices! Brass Cabinet Handles Brass handles may not give your kitchen the chic or industrial look you're aiming for. They often appear outdated, and…

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Kitchen corner units present us all with a dilemma - how to utilise the space in your corner cabinet without dislocating your shoulder trying to grab the items in the farthest darkest part? Well that’s where a ‘Magic Corner’ storage unit will definitely do the trick! You would be amazed what these clever pull out units can do to improve your corner storage - both in terms of practical access and cleanliness. The two-tier tray style shelves shown here have a pivot and slide mechanism that…

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