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Discover fun and interactive activities to help kids develop their communication skills and promote talking. Get your children excited about expressing themselves and building strong verbal skills.
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Sara Ackerman, a teacher and mom to a preschooler-aged daughter, revealed the most clever method for getting a child to open up and engage in conversation. This brilliant idea is so much better than "what did you do at school today?"

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It can be hard to know if your toddlers and preschoolers are making the right progress. To help, we've listed the typical language milestones you should look out for at each age. If you feel your child isn't developing at a steady pace, always consult your pediatrician for advice. #childdevelopment #firstwords #babytalk

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English, Swedish, German. No, Freddish. You heard it right. Freddish is a language, or rather the so-called set of rules on how to talk with children, developed by Fred Rogers. He created his TV show dedicated to preschool children and important aspects of their life and upbringing. He knew that children literally hear everything and, therefore, the way we talk to them is important.

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