Joseph cornell

Delve into the mesmerizing world of Joseph Cornell and discover the secrets behind his enigmatic artworks. Uncover the inspiration and meaning behind his meticulously crafted boxes and assemblages.
“It was always the becoming he dreamed of, never the being.” Upcycling, Contemporary Art, Collage, Vintage, Caricature, Cornell Box, Joseph Cornell Boxes, Assemblage Art Mixed Media, Joseph Cornell Artwork

This took me an age to create digitally - or so I thought until my niece who is an assemblage artist told me that, starting with a vintage apothecary's cabinet, she estimates it will take her at least a year to fill with hand made metal and fabric items. I can't compete with that!! The shadow boxes and shadows are by Maya at Scrapbookgraphics. Elements are mostly from Lorie Davidson also of SBG and the old gramophone is from Finecrafted Designs.

Kenneth Brauchler
3D Design: Joseph Cornell Home Décor, Décor, Home, Decor, Liquor, Google, Cabinet, Home Decor, Liquor Cabinet

These boxes largely dominated the webpage when I searched Joseph Cornell's name. While I'm not entirely sure that all of these pieces are his work exclusively, I can say that they are the ones that drew me in the most. I love the rustic look of them all. There's just something about that aged look that captivates me. None of them seem to convey any particular message so much as a feeling or an homage to something or someone, like in this last picture. This works really well for these works…

Marisol Westberg