Jesus childhood

Explore the lesser-known aspects of Jesus' childhood and gain insights into his early life. Discover fascinating stories and teachings that shed light on the upbringing of the Son of God.
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Boy Jesus in the Temple Archives

Jesus showed at the age of 12 that He was becoming aware of His identity as the Messiah. He was even able to talk with the teachers in the temple. This event shows His early familiarity with Scripture and that He saw the temple as His "father's house." These Boy Jesus in the Temple activities are about this event.

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Jesus as a Child

Inspirational story from when Jesus was a little boy. In this childrens book about Jesus life, we get an insight into the character of Jesus as a boy and His life, and through the story of Jesus in the Temple after Passover, it also gently teaches the wonderful lesson of obedience, love and respect to parents and the charm of a pure and holy childhood. #jesus #jesusasachild #jesusasaboy #lordjesus #praise #jesusislord #jesuschristislord #bible #jesusisking #jesuschrist

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