Jazz guitar lessons

Unlock the secrets of jazz guitar with professional lessons. Learn essential techniques, chords, and improvisation to take your playing to the next level.
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Welcome, you will find here a collection of music infographics. No blah, blah here, just pics. This section is regularly updated, the easy way to keep up to date with what is happening at jazz-guitar-licks.com is to sign up for the newsletter and even follow ...

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The 10 Best Jazz Guitar Chords (Charts, Chord Progressions, & More...)

To most, jazz music on the guitar is a beautiful art form. Even those who don't appreciate the sounds of swing and bebop can respect the talent of the musicians who perform it, and acknowledge that their playing could benefit from learning some of the principles of the style.

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The Major Scale on Guitar — Guitar Music Theory Lessons by Ry Naylor

The major scale is perhaps the most important scale you can learn as a fledgling guitar music theory student. It is one of the most easily recognizable sequences of notes in music. From a music theory standpoint, the major scale is like the measuring ruler of music. Let's learn the theory and ess

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