Iso settings

Learn how to master ISO settings to capture stunning photos in any lighting condition. Discover tips and techniques to enhance your photography skills and achieve professional-looking results.
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ISO? What does that even mean? The best and easiest way I like to describe it is like this… Remember when you would purchase film at the grocery store? They would have 100 speed, 400 speed, 800 speed, etc. The ISO provides your camera with the amount of light you need on your camera’s image sen

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Understanding the exposure triangle is crucial but a bit of a complicated part of photography. I'll guide you through the three elements of the exposure triangle—aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. You will be able to understand how these settings interact with each other. Believe me. You can master the exposure triangle with a little practice! Understanding the Exposure Triangle: What Is Exposure? Exposure is the amount of light reaching your camera sensor or film. It's important to get the…

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Photography Cheat Sheet - Print This Card to Remember Your Camera Settings on the Go! (CHECK MY MOMMATOGRAPHY BOARD FOR UPDATED PIN - CORRECTION ON ISO: THE HIGHER ISO # THE MORE GRAIN WILL SHOW :)  - Nikon, Films, Rc Lens, Photo Editing, Photography Tips, Digital Photography, Photography Settings, Photography Camera, Dslr Photography Tips

Let's take a break from editing tips and get back to some basics! Today I made a really convenient printable photography cheat sheet for those wanting a little guide that can fit inside your camera bag! This is a 3x5 card that you can carry and refer to easily on the go. When you want to know what

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