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So far in our ongoing series about Color Theory, we’ve introduced you to the color wheel, warm and cool colors, active and passive colors, and additive and subtractive colors. Now that you have a good understanding of the different types of colors, we can turn our attention to how to…

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The Chromatic Circle: The Chromatic circle of colours is a theory based on the mixture of colour substances. For a Makeup Artist, the comprehension of this theory is KEY in order to create simple mixtures. The better you understand this theory, the better the makeup artist you are. The centre of this circle is composed of our three "primary colours". These are the purest of colours - pure because they have not gone through any mixes. Blue, yellow and red. (I know i'm repeating myself here…

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Working on Pointillism is code for, you better be patient, and patient my artist were. We began our project by watching a video on YouTube about Seahorses Next we discussed French Chemist Michel Chevreul, focusing on his study of color interaction leading to his discovery of Simultaneous Contrast. When placed side by side, these colors can appear altered especially at a distance. Complementary colors are intensified when next to each other or when overlapped. Below are a couple of sources…

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