Ice tye dye

Create vibrant and eye-catching designs with these unique ice tie dye techniques. Transform your clothing and accessories into works of art with these top ideas.
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How to Ice Dye

Make unique tie dye shirts with a watercolor effect! If you have wanted to try ice tie dye, you will surprised at how easy it is! Learn How to Ice Dye and get great results the first time! How to Ice Dye – Easy Tie Dye Tutorial When you think of tie dye, you may...

Kendra Marie Long
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Tie Dye with Ice

Store shelves are starting to fill with fresh boxes of pencils and there’s a faint scent of crayons in the air which can only mean one thing — fall is right around the corner! As ready as we are for evenings filled with crocheting and apple pie, our summer craft to-do list isn’t quite done…

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How to make an Ice Dye Sweatshirt

If you haven’t jumped on the ice dyeing trend, now is the time! See all of our Ice Dyeing Tips below. We are obsessed with the tie dye process called Ice Dyeing. We have created so many beautiful creations using this method on sweatshirts, beach towels, cloth napkins and even a big tote bag. Dyeing...

Tina Pernsteiner