Ice fishing shanty

Discover the best ice fishing shanty ideas to make your fishing experience comfortable and productive. Find inspiration for building your own shanty and stay warm while catching fish on frozen lakes.
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Some of the original tiny houses were not built for Instagram-worthy photos, but for basic shelter from icy winds and harsh weather. The ice shanty or ice fishing house (also known as a fish coop, darkhouse or bobhouse) is popular in northern communities where ice fishing is a major winter ... Read more

Nato Tato Ice Fishing Shack/Hut/Shanty Mania.... TEN very cool lil' fishin' cabins.... Cabins, Ten, Unique, Hut, Pictures, Fun, Autos, Swear, Very Funny Images

Here's a gallery of ten ice fishing shacks that I thought were cool, unique, or fun in their own right. After this. I swear, I'll be off this ice hut tangent- well, except for possibly building one down the road....we'll see..... Also, thanks to Alex Pino for the very thorough video review on my new book (the new version) of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"- out in two weeks or so, and up for order on right now. I'll be doing a few appearances and signings for the book down the road…