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I ching

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Guide to the I Ching, China's most popular means of divination

I Ching, also Yi Jing or The Book of Changes, is thought to be the oldest and most abstruse classic in Chinese history. It has been an aid to foretell the future and make decisions for thousands of years.

I CHING - O Livro das Mutações: Os oito Trigramas do Livro das Mutações - I Ching

Vamos fazer um passeio pela natureza... Ao acordar e começar a caminhar olhe para o Céu majestoso e veja Ch’ien com um poderoso dragão que transita livremente de Ch’ien para Tui, o lago em sua dança sagrada. Quando caminhar e olhar para o sol, veja Li no horizonte, iluminando como o fogo. Quando continuar a caminhar poderá encontrar com uma montanha, veja Ken e ao subi-la sinta o vento enxugando o suor, veja Sun, o vento. Quando descer essa montanha encontrar um lago e ficar feliz, cantar…

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Chaque corps géométrique possède sa propre énergie vibratoire, qui dépend de sa forme. C’est ce que l’on appelle ‘onde de forme’. Déjà dans l’ancienne Egypte, ainsi qu…

At the heart of the nature of Qi is the concept of yin/yang which imparts the idea of how contrary forces are interconnected in the nature and how they give rise to each other in turn.

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A touch of Ancients, Buddhas, Immortals and Zhouyi: Circulation of the Light and I Ching

The above picture (page 102) is taken from the book, “Tai Chi Chuan and I Ching – Second Edition – by Da Liu, 1981 R&KP". Da Liu, a grandmaster of Tai Chi Chuan, had taught this ever popular Chinese martial art - suitable for both the young and the old - in the US for more than twenty years. While no accompanying explanations or credits to the picture were given in the book, Da Liu had elaborated on how the movements of Tai Chi Chuan - as founded by Zhang SanFeng - relate to the various…

The Qigong art of Baguazhang is based off of the ancient Taoist book the I Ching, otherwise known as the Yijing, or Book of Changes.

The Taoists in ancient China realized a longtime ago through observation that nothing in nature stands still. By seeking to harmonize their self with

An exploration of verse 42 of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching (aka Daode Jing) - inspired by the English translation and commentary by Hu Xuezhi.

An exploration of verse 42 of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching (aka Daode Jing) - inspired by the English translation and commentary by Hu Xuezhi.

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Divination: I Ching

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