Hunting gear closet

Keep all your hunting gear in one place with a functional and organized closet. Find top ideas to create the perfect storage solution for your hunting equipment.

When your husband is an avid hunter, there is an unspoken agreement to certain things in your house. Ours- a 14 point Alabama State Record deer over our mantle. AND most recently, a spot for all of his hunting gear. ENTER THE HUNTING CLOSET. Ty wanted one spot for all of his hunting gear (and so did I!). Before this project, his hunting gear, was in his closet, in the garage, in the current closet, and a dresser in the basement playroom. That’s a LOT of places. We wanted to create a safe…

Breanna Sotelo
Concealed behind a cabinet door, the gun storage in this hunting room offers secure and discreet protection for firearms, ensuring the safety and peace-of-mind for the homeowner. Bath, Outdoor, Alabama, Wardrobes, Hunting Gear Closet, Hunting Room, Utility Closet, Gun Rooms, Hunting Gear

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where hunting and outdoor activities are deeply ingrained in the culture, having a dedicated space for storing firearms and hunting gear is essential for many enthusiasts. Our Toulmin Kitchen & Bath team recently turned a mundane garage utility closet in a Tuscaloosa home

Anna Reynolds