How to wrap presents

Learn how to wrap presents like a pro with these creative ideas. Make your gifts stand out with unique wrapping techniques and impress your loved ones.
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How to wrap that odd shaped gift!

Yesterday I saw this video on facebook that showed how you could easily make a gift bag to wrap an odd shaped item. We had a Christmas gathering tonight with our small group from church, and we had to bring a wrapped white elephant gift. My gift was a snowman candle holder, which wasn't going to be easy to wrap, so I thought I would try making a gift bag. It was very easy and it made a cute bag. If you want to try it yourself, here is the video with the instructions: And here is my finished…

Cindy Matlock
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Woman shares genius way to wrap a gift when the paper is too small

EVER feel frustrated when trying to wrap a present but the paper is just a tiny bit too small to cover it? A woman has shared her incredible hack at solving the issue and people have said their min…

Heather Hammond
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How to Make a Gift Bag from Wrapping Paper in 5 Simple Steps

Learn how to make a gift bag from wrapping paper in just 5 simple steps at Sparkles of Sunshine today. it's cheap and easy to do!

Nikoal Soggie
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How to Wrap Large Gifts: Oversized, XL, & CRAZY BIG Presents » All Gifts Considered

Here are multiple options on how to wrap large gifts. Whether your gift is just "oversized" or "extra large" (or if it's "crazy big") here is what to do.

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59 Elegant Gift Wrapping Ideas: Christmas, Birthday, Wedding

Today I'm sharing elegant gift wrapping ideas for Christmas gifts, birthdays, and weddings. I've also included video tutorials to help you tie the perfect bow, use wrapping paper, and more. Pin this image to bookmark the post for later :) Contents list: Classic ribbon & bow in the middle

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