How to use embroidery machine

Learn how to use an embroidery machine and create beautiful designs with ease. Unlock the full potential of your machine with these expert tips and techniques.
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A complete list of all of the machine embroidery supplies needed for a beginner. Start a new hobby or your own home machine embroidery business.

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Want to buy an embroidery machine but wonder how difficult it will be to master? The experts weigh in on: is machine embroidery hard?

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Should you buy a cheap embroidery machine and is it worth it? Factors to consider when looking into buying an inexpensive embroidery machine.

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This big list of things to embroider for gifts will show you my 30+ favorite machine embroidery gift ideas for Christmas and all occasions!

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How to choose the right backing and needle for embroidery. Our customers are often ask for advice on picking embroidery needles and backing for various jobs. We find that most jobs fall under just a handful of categories, the cart below will help to identify those so you can pick the right tools for the job. […]

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