How to paint metal

Learn how to paint metal surfaces with these easy and effective techniques. Transform your metal objects with a fresh coat of paint and give them a new lease of life.
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When you think of acrylic paint projects, canvas may come to mind as the ideal surface, but canvas is not the only surface that acrylic paint can be applied to. Acrylic paint is very versatile and easily applied over any surface that is wax or oil-free. Preparing your surface for acrylic paint may be tricky, […]

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Rendering Metal Drawing, How To Draw Chrome Effect, How To Draw Chrome Texture, Metal Art Tutorial, Rendering Metal Digital Art, Drawing Reflective Surfaces, Shiny Texture Drawing, Draw Metal Texture, How To Colour Silver Digital do you make something look shiny or reflective? Learn this easy technique on how to draw and shade surfaces so that they look like metal. Follow along as we draw a cute robot in Procreate and demonstrate this technique. We'll also play around with Procreate 5x Gradient Maps to make colorful metallic surfaces, including silver, gold, and beyond!Here's a really cool article about the worlds most reflective metal: Why do Mirrors Appear to Be Silver in…

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This is a exercise of painting. hope you like it! Inspiration and references come from 美宣插画交流群:690522965 Weibo: Youtube: Facebook: Instagram:

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