How to make toenails white

Discover simple and effective methods to make your toenails white. Follow these tips to achieve healthy and beautiful looking toenails.
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DIY Nail Whitener!!: baking soda Nail whitener - Baking soda can be used to clean the nail and eliminate the fungus on them. Baking soda will naturally exfoliate the nails while the hydrogen peroxide will brighten and whiten them. you will need baking soda, hydrogen per…

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Many of our clients already know what this is but for those that don’t here’s the lowdown! If after removing your toenail polish, you see these white chalky patches then in most cases it is a condition called keratin granulation. These occur from constant polish wearing. This is not a fungus but can look much like it and can trigger a fungus so it is important to treat it. Keratin granulations occur because the polish dries out the surface of the nail. When the nail surface gets this dry it…

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