How to carpet stairs

Learn how to carpet your stairs with this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. Transform your staircase into a cozy and elegant focal point of your home.
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The basement project continues. Maybe it never ends. I don't know. But the most recent completed project makes a huge impact - we finally have carpeting on the stairs going to the basement! With two kiddos (one who's still a little shaky), having safe stairs is pretty important. And we have found that just having the stairs completed makes us even more likely to go to the basement to play. (And as the temperatures rise, the cool basement will be a wonderful respite.) We didn't have a huge…

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Tired of staring at that dull old carpet on your stairs? Time to pull off the ultimate stairway makeover! This post will spill all the secrets to how to ditch the carpet and unleash the fabulous potential of your stairs! Get ready to DIY your way to the fresh, stylish stair look of your dreams with this step by step guide to removing carpet from your stairs with ease!

Lynn Smith