How to burn sage

Learn how to burn sage and create a positive energy in your space. Follow these simple steps to cleanse and purify your home or office environment.
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First, congratulations on completing Sage Cleansing 101! If you have slipped in through the back door, you can catch up here for a background and history on sage cleansing.Now that you successfully satisfied the prereq, and you did your homework (a.k.a. you gathered all your materials), we’ll be moving into the lab portion of this course. Yay! So get out those protective goggles and set out your beakers, we’re headed in!(Okay, you don’t really need protective goggles or beakers, but I fully…

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Smudging provides health benefits to the mind, body, and home because of the vibrational frequency associated with the smoke generated through the practice. When you smudge you are literally spreading positive vibes throughout your home which can be haling for the soul, refreshing for the mind and healthy for the body.

Joyce Little-Hill