Homophones words

Explore a list of common homophones, words that sound the same but have different meanings. Enhance your vocabulary and avoid common spelling mistakes with these essential homophones.
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Homophones With Pictures, Homophones Words Worksheets For Students and Kids Homophones In linguistics, homophones are words that are spoken in the same manner and have the same sound. In English, there are a lot of homophones you can come across. They are referred to as homophones when two words have distinct meanings but have the same sound. In a nutshell, homophones are words that may be used to express more than one meaning. These terms cannot be used interchangeably in a sentence because…

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English Homophone words list; Homophone Words List – A abel — able accede — exceed accept — except addition — edition adds — adz affect — effect affected — effected axel — axle axes — axis aye — eye — I ayes — eyes Homophone Words List – B baa — bah baal — bail bass — base baste — based bate — bait bated — baited bawl — ball bell — belle berry — bury berth — birth better — bettor bib — bibb bight — bite bury — berry bussed — bust but — butt buy — by

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