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Explore homeschool photography ideas to capture beautiful moments of your children's education journey. Discover tips and inspiration to create lasting memories with your camera.
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The 2020-2021 school year is our year of art. Every school year we choose one thing to focus on and for this year it was art. When we first chose this as our focus for the year I immediately assumed my husband (who is the artist) would be doing the majority of the heavy lifting....

Tosha McAlister
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Somewhere amid the tidy online images, the Mess exists. I capitalize Mess because it seems to live and exist on its own, creeping in and out of corners unannounced. Between the creative projects and delicious meals are spilled paints and sprawling colored pencils, stacks of books and papers with scribbled writing and illustrations. Sometimes a glass jar of bugs sits ...

Susan Hoffmann
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Do you ever look around at your homeschool and wonder where it all went wrong? We stand in our kitchen stumped because we know we did this right. We have classical books, hand-lettered planning sheets, tea times, nature hikes and co-op days all slated out. We have market baskets and mini chalk boards. This afternoon

Hunter Keaton