Home theater speakers

Upgrade your home theater with top-quality speakers that will immerse you in your favorite movies and TV shows. Discover the best speaker options to create a cinematic audio experience in your own home.
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Nick in Grootebroek, Netherlands Representing the first featured SVS home theater system in Europe, Nick B. has had an interest in audio from early on after being handed down some HiFi equipment from his dad. His system evolved over time, but after auditioning a PB-4000 at his local audio dealer, Media Electronics in Belgium, Nick knew there was no better subwoofer for his system. In fact, he loved it so much, he went with duals and added an Ultra Center channel speaker to reap the benefits…

Home Theater Setup: Converted Attic Space to 4K Dolby Atmos Theater Room Home, Theatre, Home Theater Speakers, Home Theater Projectors, Home Theater Setup, Home Theater Screens, Home Theater Rooms, Home Theater, Theater Room

This showcase is a custom-built widescreen theater room setup in a finished attic space. Behind-the-screen and architectural speakers, a true wall-to-wall projector screen, and Anthem Room Correction make for a truly immersive cinematic experience.

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