Holiday reading comprehension

Enhance your reading comprehension skills during the holidays with these effective tips. Develop a deeper understanding of texts and enjoy a more enriching reading experience.
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Download these free reading comprehension worksheets and use them in class today! Each of the worksheets below focuses on a particular topic and includes a passage for students to read, followed by reading comprehension questions. As always, these worksheets are FREE to use in your class. Choose a worksheet below to get started.

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Here is a small reading comprehension on the theme of the coming summer holidays as some of our pupils already have this in mind, with be going to and will, then you ask them to talk about their projects.If you print take off the S at little in ex 1 , sorry! - ESL worksheets

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They read about Jodie's adventure in Canada. Then they complete her personal profile. They then do the true or false questions. A full key is provided. I must say, I love using strips of colour, I hope it isn't too wasteful of ink. And thanks to Samsoom and for leading the way. - ESL worksheets