Hinoki wood

Discover the beauty and durability of hinoki wood with our top ideas for incorporating this versatile material into your home decor. Upgrade your space with hinoki wood products that bring a touch of natural elegance to any room.
Lattice Wooden Mat, $44.95 Recycled wood chips are transformed into this chic rollable mat. Diy, Wood Bath Mats, Wooden Bathmat, Wood Chips, Bath Matts, Diy Wood Projects, Wooden Bath, Diy Bathroom Mat, Wood Bath

If there’s any place in your home you want to make sure is soothing, it’s your bathroom. One unexpected (yet easy) way to add zen vibes to your space is with a wooden bath mat, like the ones you’d find at a spa. While it’s true a wooden bath mat won’t give you that same plush feeling underfoot like a softer textile would, its warm, woodsy vibe instantly creates a welcoming feel. Plus, they’re typically easier to keep clean, which never hurts.

Stephanie Echols
Kanna: An Exploration of Traditional Japanese Carpentry — Native & Co Wood Carving, Japanese Woodworking Tools, Japanese Woodworking, Japanese Carpentry, Japanese Joinery, Japanese Tools, Carpentry Tools, Wood Shop, Toolbox

In the months prior to Kanna we began our research and sourced a selection of traditional carpentry tools from retired Daiku (大工 - Japanese carpenters) in Japan. With several hundred different types of tools to choose from, we curated a broad selection to represent the many speci