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Dive into the captivating world of The Tudors and discover how Henry Cavill brought his character to life. Explore the top moments and behind-the-scenes insights from this historical drama series.
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Charles Brandon

Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, was the most trusted friend of King Henry Tudor and the husband of Princess Margaret Tudor and then Catherine Brandon. In the first season he was shown as an arrogant and unemotional person but later developed compassion. He took mistresses, much like Henry, and kept a certain mistress for several years before his death. He too hated Anne Boleyn and wanted to bring about her downfall but regretted what became of her. He married Margaret without the…

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Queen of the Wolves | GAME OF THRONES - 00: House Mikealson

Under major editing right now Amara Mikaelson ™ queen of the crescent and daughter of one of the most feared men of westeros goes to winterfell with her father and older brother but she didn't know her father arranged a marriage between Robb Stark Now war is coming and not everyone will make it out alive but she'll get her vengeance if it's the last thing she does Because "with darkness comes death" she'll play the Game of thrones The Mikaelson are only loyal to themselves and and anyone who…

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Henry Cavill - Sexy and Romantic Collection - 11

Photo Credit: Showtime (The Tudors) www.henry-cavill-verse.com Some of our favorite images of Henry! Whether sweet and romantic or outright sexy, these are the shots that make us all drool! Disclaimer: All photos are copyright their respective owners & photo credits are given where known. No misuse is intended. All tags & watermarks have been left intact. If you are the owner of one of these photos and wish it to be removed, please email us! Be sure to follow us for all the latest on Henry…

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