Hand painted silk scarf

Elevate your style with our collection of hand painted silk scarves. Each scarf is meticulously crafted with vibrant colors and intricate designs, making it the perfect accessory to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Discover our stunning selection and find the perfect scarf that suits your personal style.
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Silk scarf Iris batik, HAND PAINTED, Gift for women, 100% pure silk scarf, Ladies silk scarf, Designer silk scarf, Birthday gift idea, Floral silk scarf, Satin silk scarf. Made to order. The scarf is made of high quality satin silk using watercolor painting technique. Professional silk dyes are securely fixed with steam. This silk satin scarf can be a suitable gift for ladies of any age. A perfect birthday present. Scarf size: 55" * 15", 140 cm * 40 cm * 100% natural silk satin. * non-toxic…

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MADE TO ORDER. Gentle and romantic shawl-picture is formed on a quality natural silk. It can be worn as a scarf, can be issued as a picture and hang it on the wall. Dimensions: 27" / 27", 35" / 35". * Hand painted by professional ( non toxic ) paints. * Water and light resistant. * Hand rolled stiched. * Handmade gift wrapping with recommendations for washing silk products. The colorful floral scarf will give you the joy and energy of spring, will emphasize your individuality and taste…

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A classy floral silk scarf painted with navy blue shades and metallic gold gutta that shines against direct light. I painted this lovely piece on pure pongé #9 silk fabric with permanent and washable high quality French dyes . These are my favorite dyes as they preserve the glossy aspect of pongé silk . The hem is hand rolled and sewn . ● Size : 16"x 63 " ( 40x 160 cm ) ● Fabric : pongé #9 pure natural silk ● Shipping : tracked shipping . ● UPS / DHL courier shipment upgrade available at…

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Shop lovestuffpd's closet or find the perfect look from millions of stylists. Fast shipping and buyer protection. Hand painted silk scarf in rich multi colors of pink, teal green, purple, orange, yellow and brown tones. Perfect for any outfit. Each hand made scarf is individually painted & truly one-of-a-kind. Oblong silk scarf is approx. 11" wide by 58" long. New with tag. Please Note: Each scarf is hand painted and unique, therefore, the placement and amount of color may be different from…

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Silk Painting 101: The Marker Resist Technique, taught by silk artist Laura Fox-Wallis, teaches you everything you need to know to paint on silk. This course takes you through the marker resist process from start to finish, covering everything from supplies, patterns, color mixing, silk painting techniques, and setting the dye. By the end you will have created your very own hand-painted scarf!

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Made to order. Bright festive scarf on natural silk satin. Painted quickly and emotionally using the technique of watercolor painting. Added calm ornament. Sizes: 44/180 cm. 70 inches / 17 inches. The colors are fixed and constant. Includes a designer gift wrap with recommendations for silk washing. You will always look amazing in such an unusual scarf! Thanks for using my store!

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The peony flower motif is a favorite in the home of silk in China. Peony is a symbol of prosperity, wealth and love. A large and delicate chiffon talisman scarf will envelop you in a weightless veil and emphasize the freshness of your face with light reflections. Hand-painted silk adds a luxurious touch of exclusivity to your outfit. This is the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding or anniversary! The size of the scarf is 68 'by 27' inches (173 cm by 70 cm). * 100% natural silk chiffon…

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