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Enhance your ham radio setup with these top antenna ideas. Improve your signal strength and achieve clear communication with these innovative antenna designs.
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Baofeng UV-5R Radio – 8 Things It Can Do for You

What is the de facto prepper ham radio? The Baofeng UV-5R radio. I know, I know – the purists within the ham radio community scoff, but there is a world of a difference between the ham radio community and the prepper community. There’s overlap, to be sure, but the two communities are not the same. #baofenguv5rradio #BaofengRadio #BaofengUV-5R

Paul Hughes
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Urban Rooftop Ham Radio Antenna

Urban Rooftop Ham Radio Antenna: I recently put a ham radio antenna on my roof, so I could get better signal inside my apartment, which isn't on a high floor. As an ultra beginner without a lot of investment in the hobby, it was perfectly acceptable to have to climb onto the roof …

Hank Wolfe
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How Far Can A Ham Radio Reach

Ham Radio is a great hobby for those who love to talk on the radio. Whether you like talking to your family and friends or you want to make new connections, ham radio is an excellent way of doing so. In this article, we will discuss three different ranges, with some tips on how far each one can reach as well as what kind of equipment you need to use them effectively.

2 Meter J-Pole Amateur Radio Antenna. Great ham radio gift for only $30 Amature Radio, Ham Radio License, Dipole Antenna, Ham Radio Operator, Radio Scanner, Slim Jim, Ham Radio Antenna, Communications Plan, Cb Radio

2 Meter Amateur Radio Antennas - KB9VBR Antennas

The Original 2 meter KB9VBR J-Pole antenna The Two Meter J-Pole Antenna is our most popular model. It comes in two different configurations, either as a one piece antenna for base station use, or as a two piece breakaway model great for portable operations. There are literally hundreds of antennas on the market, what makes […]

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