Halloween school treats

Delight your kids with creative and spooky Halloween treats for their school parties. Discover easy and fun ideas to make this Halloween season extra special for them.
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It’s my turn to bring a snack to my son’s preschool this week, Halloween week. The school has a no-sugar policy, which I appreciate, but I still wanted to bring in something festive. I had my craft supplies out from the mummy s’mores I crafted up and used the same tutorial to make apple sauce […]

Cleuza Souza
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With our annual Halloween party looming, I was racking my brain to come up with a fun and creative party favor that could top...or at least compete with last year's Halloween S'mores party favors. I mulled it over, perused hundreds of photos on Pinterest, looked through my library of Halloween books and old issues of Martha Stewart magazines, but came up with nothing. I didn't find anything that made me excited about celebrating my favorite event of the year. That is, until I started to get…

Tina Marie