Halloween party ideas for adults

Throw an unforgettable Halloween party for adults with these creative ideas. From spooky decorations to delicious treats, get inspired to host the ultimate Halloween bash.
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The last time I hosted a Halloween party, I was 22 years old. I had just moved to Halifax (on the East Coast in Canada), far away from my family and I didn't have very many friends. I wasn't particularly outgoing and I definitely wasn't popular. It was the first (and last) 'big' party I hosted when I was in school. I had a good friend who helped me put up posters on the bulletin board of our architecture school. It was just simple text with the date, time and location on regular letter-sized…

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A Halloween baby shower is so much fun, for obvious reasons. For one - you get to dress up AND there are so many fun pregnant Halloween costumes to choose from! (If you have your baby shower on a day that is not Halloween, you could pick more than one costume and dress up for your shower AND Halloween. How fun!) And there is so much you could do, too. Baby shower decorations are the most obvious place to reveal your theme, but because it's Halloween, you can do it with food, too. For your…

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From mad libs to scavenger hunts, here are the Best 9 Halloween Party Games for Adults. All of these Halloween games are fun and cheap for the adults attending your party.

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