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Discover the best hair repair masks to nourish and restore your damaged hair. Achieve healthy and lustrous locks with these top-rated hair care products.
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We're entering into a new season. Whenever fall rolls around, I always think about the status of my hair journey. First of all, we're only left with 3 months before the year ends. So now is the time to get laser focused so we finish the year off strong. Secondly, hair growth rate slows so we need to do whatever necessary to promote length retention. The first action I've taken to combat winter hair woes is to restock on my favorite hydrating conditioner of all time. Now that I have a brand…

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You should leave coconut oil for at least one hour, before you bleach your hair. This is because the coconut oil will help protect your hair from the harsh chemicals in the bleach, while nourishing it and keeping it healthy.

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Miracle DIY hair mask for dry hair - Each ingredient improves the health of your hair, while also moisturizing, reducing frizziness and making it look smooth, shiny and beautiful.

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Like skin, hair needs to be taken care in order to keep it healthy and nourished. That being said, there are many factors which affect your hair in day to day life such as pollutants, UV rays, dirt, bacteria, and excess oils. Therefore, you need to constantly protect your hair from all such factors causing

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