Hair extension tips and tricks

Achieve the perfect hairstyle with these expert tips and tricks for hair extensions. Discover how to seamlessly blend your extensions, maintain their longevity, and create stunning looks.
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How do I care for my extensions? Wash: Use only professional products that are paraben- and sulfate-free. Apply a hair mask (a stronger conditioner) every 3-5 times you wash your hair, use a hair mask to lengthen the life if your extensions. Try not to wash your hair too often. Products: Two products are essential to m

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Straight or Curly Hair Extension?You need to find a hair extension with a texture most similar to your current hair texture or the texture you will have at the time of application, so that it is much easier for you to blend your existing hair with your hair extensions.Straight If you have straight hair and love the way it looks, choose a straight hair texture! If you have curly hair and would like straight hair extensions, consider a chemical relaxer or keratin treatment, or understand that…

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You've made the invest on hair extensions, now let's make sure that we can make your hair extensions last longer. Some guests require new hair extensions every 6 months and some can get an entire year. The following are tips from those who can get longevity from their hair extensions. For those with Tape-in Hair Extensions: Do NOT shampoo for 24-48 hrs after tape-in extension application​Washing Tips: • Brush hair before shampooing to keep hair from mattingRecommended brush- The Wet Brush •…

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While mastering the art of wearing hair extensions takes a little bit of practice, we've gathered our top 10 hair extensions hacks with the help of our friend Josie. By following these helpful tips, you can go from a hair extensions newbie to pro in no time.

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