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Explore a variety of unique and stylish guitar body ideas to customize your instrument. Enhance your playing experience with a guitar body that reflects your personal style and musical preferences.
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How To Learn The Basics Of Guitar 1. Decide what style of guitar you want to play. Do you want to play classical, spanish, or something like modern guitar. Acoustic, electric, or base? As a guitar player of 7 years, I can say that acoustic is definitely my favorite guitar to play. 2. Decide If you want to learn songs from tablature, or notes? Tablature is definitely the easiest thing to learn songs on. Basically, in tablature the number specifies which fret on the guitar should be played…

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Martin has been shaping the sound of acoustic music for nearly two centuries, and offers a wide array of guitar body shapes and sizes to create the perfect guitar for you. But how does body size affect the tone and performance of a guitar? The following guide illustrates the progression of the Martin sizes from the small Concert (0) to the large, iconic Dreadnought.

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