Group kids games

Discover a variety of engaging group kids games that will bring laughter and create lasting memories. Get your children active and entertained with these fun-filled activities.
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This list of indoor youth group games is great for when it's raining, too cold outside, or even when it's too hot! Instead of scratching your head when the weather throws off your plans, this list has you covered. In addition, all of our games are little or no prep and can be played with small groups. We've got you covered, especially in a pinch!

Julie Payne
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Need ideas for interactive activities for kids? Help children develop social skills and teamwork with these educational team games for kids. These kindergarten activities will get them communicating and problem solving together.

Danielle Santillo
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Quick Overview: A classic youth group game that is just down right fun! Oh and remember don’t touch the chair!! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. People. You need people to play. 2. Chairs. Depending on how many people you have playing you might want to have a few chairs in the circle at the beginning of […]

Abigail Simpson