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Explore stunning Gothic architecture drawings that will inspire your artistic creations. Discover the intricate details and grandeur of this iconic architectural style.
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Gabriel Yeganyan is is returning this Fall to teach his "Architecture for World Building" class at CDA~!! This important design class teaches the students the foundations of architecture structure, function and visual design themes to reflect the storytelling of the culture/people who created them. Three key periods of architecture history are covered and broken…

Gonzalo Taboada-Vaca
A Study of the Roughness of Gothic Rose Windows | SpringerLink Tattoos, Mandala Design, Mandala, Mandala Art, Geometric, Pattern, Ilustrasi, Gothic Pattern, Gothic Design

The rose window is one of the most representative elements of Gothic art and architecture. In this work we analyze fifteen rose windows from fifteen Gothic cathedrals using fractal geometry. Specifically, we examine the texture and roughness of these rose windows focusing on three factors, their designs, glass areas and solid areas. In this investigation we generate parameters which provide a measure of roughness of the rose windows in order to find out if they show a general non-random…

Cathedral - Gothic and Steampunk style Architecture Drawings by Elwira Pawlikowska Art, Gothic, Steampunk, Sketchbooks, Architecture, Perspective, Gothic Cathedral, Gothic Cathedrals, Gothic Architecture

Cool Illustrations and Sketches depicting very ornate buildings. Polish Artist Elwira Pawlikowska, is a traditional artist that works with watercolors and inks, to create her paintings and drawings. The ones we are showcasing in today's post, have a vintage feel, coupled with a Gothic and Steampunk style. After graduating from Warsaw Faculty of Architecture, Pawlikowska became a freelance illustrator. Even though her main work is done in a traditional way, she sometimes uses digital art to…

David Courtad
Gothic Cathedral. Interior Design and Architecture in Pencil Drawings. To see more art and information about Marlena Kostrzewska click the image. Sketches, Draw, Fotografie, Ilustrasi, Perspective Drawing, Perspective Sketch, Perspective Art, Resim, Drawings

Detailed drawings, show good choice for subject matter. Polish Artist Marlena Kostrzewska, has a very personal and strong drawing style, with a large range from, very light to very dark. There are examples of interior spaces, Modern and Gothic Architecture, Machines like the Subway Trains and Street Cars (Tram) and a recreation of Bilbo Baggins' home. Visit DesignStack's Categories with the following link: Categories Gothic Cathedral. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Leonardo da Vinci's…

lizardy Rodriguez