Gold snake

Add a touch of boldness to your style with stunning gold snake jewelry. Discover unique designs and elevate your fashion game with these glamorous accessories.
Massive Victorian French Serpent Brooch.  This baby measures about 5" long and is made of 18K gold and diamonds.  (damn, it would be heavy to wear!)  From France, ca 1860.  $29,500! Bijoux, Brooch, Sade, Snake, Gold, Kunst, Serpent, Beautiful, Bling

About Extraordinarily crafted French serpent brooch from the mid 19th Century. The massive proportions and realistic detailing help to date this amazing 3 dimensional brooch. From the coiled position of the snake to the detailed hand etched scales on the body, this brooch is extraodinary in its quality, craftsmanship and condition. Surely an important French workshop of the period produced the gold work of this caliber. Rose diamond eyes. 1860's France. Approx. 5". Excellent condition.

Blanca Frasier
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Okay, so the fact here is pretty undeniable - there’s a tattoo style for every person. Abstract designs for abstract-minded people, funny tattoos for the pranksters out there, old-school tattoos for the lovers of tradition, and realistic tattoos for those who want to have ink that’s a real showstopper. Now, it’s only up to you what exactly you want to be depicted in your hyper-realistic tattoo, but that does not necessarily mean you don’t want to see some gorgeous examples of lifelike…