Gold glitter mason jar

Add a touch of glamour to your home decor with these stunning gold glitter mason jar ideas. Discover creative ways to use mason jars to create a sparkling and elegant ambiance.
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More glitter! Have you made gold glitter mason jars? Do you want to? This more of a fun share post. 🙂 Glitter mason jars have found a unique purpose at XLMedia, where they play a creative role in enhancing the ambiance of the workspace. These sparkling jars are used to infuse a touch of charm […]

Jessie Horne

Learning how to paint mason jars can bring your plain old mason jars to life. There is no shortage of ideas on how to create beautiful and even elegant mason jar crafts that you can use for special occassions or to decorate your space.

Emma Harvey
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Mason Jar round up time again! Ombre style painted jars. These are some styles Ive painted over the past few years. All these jars are done using spray paint. Its just a picture share so you can see colors and be inspired to ombre paint. 🙂 Some metallic ombre. You can see some metallic spray […]

Jill Foye